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Two Wounded Birds interview

 Margate's Two Wounded Birds formed towards the end of 2008 and since then have released an EP entitled Keep Dreaming Baby which features . They will be releasing a new double A-side single, All We Wanna Do/Midnight Wave, on April 18th, which will be a follow-up to their EP, Keep Dreaming Baby. With a surf-pop sound complete with twangy guitars and lyrics tinged with melancholy, Two Wounded Birds have the potential to be the sound of everyone's summer 2011.

How did the band come together?
JThe band started just over a year ago over a love of old pop records from the 50's and 60's. We just found those old melodies so amazing and aspire to make records as good. 

What is the significance of the name Two Wounded Birds?
J: It's from the film True Romance. It's such an idyllic film, the characters, the story, a great romantic fantasy. I think it also sounds really classic. 

Your new single is out in April, is there any plans for an album anytime soon?
J: I've quite a big selection of songs built up now that there is plenty to choose from for an album. I don't really want to use the songs from the Holiday EP that we done, just because I like the fact it's a separate release with it's own songs. I might only use My Lonesome from that. I like how Best Coast done their record, stuck out loads of great singles, then the album was all brand new stuff. Would love to get the debut out by the end if summer hopefully. I'd also like to stick out another EP maybe at the festive end of the year. I don't like leaving ages between releases. I Like it when bands release a constant flow of music. 

What is the creative process of your music? Do you write together or seperately?
J: I do all the writing in the group, then I usually take it to the others with their parts and then rehearse it. Coming up with a new song idea is one of the best feelings I can have. 

You've had lots of attention in recent months, for instance you supported The Drums in November and played a BBC Radio session, does it feel there is a weight of responsibility to prove yourselves?

J: Not really, because we are all enjoying playing live and enjoying playing these songs. It's amazing that other people are into it as well as us. It sounds nice to us, and it makes us happy. Sometimes I sit and think about how quickly things have happened but I feel we all deserve it and i think if we started to worry about pressure and peoples expectations then it wouldn't be as pure and fun as it is.

The 60's West coast influence is obvious in your music, but what bands inspire you the most?
J: We love lots of stuff, I find the Doors a massive influence on us really, I love Jim's deep drawl, and the darkness of their songs, Rays organ playing is truly out of this world too. They just have great songs you can get lost in. We love lots of Rock N Roll too, like Elvis, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Cash, instrumental stuff like The Chantays, Doo Wop, Soul and Mowtown records also, I love Sam Cooke a lot at the moment. What a voice. I could go on forever. Oh and did I mention The Beach Boys? :)

What are your ambitions for the band over the next few years?
J: I just want to make some of the best albums of all time. People don't fall in love with bands enough anymore. We want to change that. 

I'm looking for a seaside town to visit in the summer, how can you big up Margate over, say, Whitstable or Herne Bay?

J: Well, We are here, so that's one reason why it's better than those other areas! Great beaches, great fish and chips and great ice cream. You should come! 

All We Wanna Do/Midnight Wave is out on April 18th

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  1. Saw a mention of Two Wounded Birds in an interview with The Drums, good to get some background information. Thanks