Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Chapel Club, Liverpool Academy 2, 4th February 2011

This was the third time I'd seen Chapel Club, and it was also my first gig this year.
The first support band, Dustland, were unexpectedly good - certainly a lot better than some support bands I've seen. They performed with real confidence and held a good stage presence, fully capturing the audience's attention with a sound that could be compared to that of S.C.U.M or O Children.
Second on were David's Lyre, a Manchester artist whose real name is Paul Dixon. Having seen them support Chapel Club before, I was expecting a set as well performed as last time, and he and his band did not disappoint. Despite minor technical difficulties towards the end, they were clearly a crowd pleaser, playing songs comparative to that of Wild Beasts, such as In Arms and Tear Them Down.
Chapel Club graced the small stage shortly afterwards, beginning their set with Surfacing, and continuing with tracks from their debut Palace, such as White Knight Position and my personal favourite, Blind. Frontman Lewis Bowman grinned, "I can't believe how many people are here!" as their short but sweet set continued with more tracks from their EP Wintering, and singles O Maybe I and All The Eastern Girls, finishing with The Shore, complete with a heavy guitar sound to end the set. Surprisingly, there was no encore, although the short set was perhaps enough to please the crowd. Definitely a band to check out live if you haven't already.

Paul Dixon, David's Lyre

Lewis Bowman, Chapel Club

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  1. It's never easy to capture the soul of a gig in a written review. I'll take time to check these guys out