Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Interview: Liar Liar

Liar Liar are a band from Morecambe made up from four members; David Murdoch (vocals/guitar), Charlie Kondras (lead guitar/vocals), Charlotte Bell (bass) and Liam Maxwell (drums). During their time together they have supported bands such as The Vaccines, Brother, The Heartbreaks and Orphan Boy, and in 2009 they played at Underage Festival after being selected out of 1,500 entrants to play there. I spoke to singer David who told me what the band are all about....

You're all from Morecambe; would you say that coming from a seaside town inspires your songs in any way?
Yes, they do. Our debut single "Seaside Girl" was, for obvious reasons, inspired by living in a seaside town. I believe that it does influence our songs, I much prefer living in a seaside town than a city. I believe there is just more substance and character to it.

Are there any plans to bring out a single anytime soon?
Yes, in September. Seaside Girl.

Do you have a specific writing process as a band?
I usually have an idea and take it to Charlie. We then work it out, show our drummer Liam and learn it at practice.

Who would you say are your main influences as a band, musically and lyrically?
Blondie, Jesus And Mary Chain, Echo And The Bunnymen and Pulp.

What should someone new to your music expect at one of your gigs?
A very energetic show, filled with catchy pop songs that leave you wanting more.

Where is your favourite venue to play and why?
Well, out of town I would say Manchester Roadhouse; the sound in there is fantastic. I would say also the Yorkshire House in Lancaster as well, we are having our single launch there on the 17th September.

Where do you hope to see the band in three years time?
We hope to have a larger fanbase, most probably working on a second album.

Do you have any new bands around at the moment that you can recommend?
I love a band called The Crookes and a band from Lancaster called Bleach.



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