Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Interview: Your Other Lover

Your Other Lover are a four-piece from London whose sound has been described as "doomy, 80's Matchbox sounding aggro pop". I interviewed their guitarist, Ben, and talked about their new single, their influences and 'wardrobe surfing'...

Your music has a very typically "80's goth" vibe, would you say you're influenced mainly by bands from this era or are there many bands from the present day which you could name as an influence?

The Jesus and Mary Chain, Joy Division and The Cure are big influences in they way we sound that are from the 80's but there are definitely influences from modern day bands. Crocodiles are a band we love that we came across last year, they are so cool to watch live as are Warpaint with there hypnotic sounds, A Place to Bury Strangers too, amazing noise pop...there 'Death By Audio' effects pedals are worth checking out to create that huge raw sound.

You're recording a new AA side single, can you give us any information about that?
We're are going up to Newcastle for four days to do two tracks, 'Walking with The Wolves' and our newest song 'Stare at the Sun'. Once it's all mixed and mastered we'll be hosting our own launch party with some good friends of ours in July. We'll hopefully be able to put this out on vinyl as well as download. We literally can't wait to get this done. Planning on shooting a video for one of the tracks too...

Your single is being produced by Detroit Social Club's Dave Burn - how has it been working with him? 
Dave is a friend of ours from back home in Newcastle so we're looking forward to getting in the studio with him. We haven't seen him in a while with us living in London so will be good to catch up. We've been speaking on email and things are getting exciting, he's just ordered a killer mic for Dans vocal which was mega bucks. We're not even in the studio yet and Dave is so enthusiastic and encouraging which obviously makes us feel great, we're counting the days!

What's the best gig you've played so far?
Well we've only played eight shows so far but I think everyone would agree that headlining upstairs at The Garage was pretty special. Every show has made us more confident and we have got some really cool shows coming up at The Bullet Bar and Queen of Hoxton this month and our show at 93 Feet East in June will be great, cant wait for that one.

What is the best story of rock and roll excess you're allowed to tell us?
After one show we thought it would be a good idea to buy a crate and carry on our party back at the bass player Si's house. We invented a weird game we called 'wardrobe surfing' and it was painful, very painful...there was blood. We played our first ever acoustic performance which was filmed for Sounds of the Camper van at the Camden Crawl...we stayed out a little too late the night before and being cooped up in a van when it's 20 degrees outside wearing leather jackets and boots kind of ruined's was great fun though and a good way to sweat out the hangover.

What's your opinion on the current alternative music scene? Are there any bands which really stand out to you at the moment?
At the moment we tend to favour American bands like Crocodiles, Warpaint and Dum Dum Girls that are alternative. I quite like Veronica Falls who play in London quite a bit and The History of Apple Pie are cool. There are so many bands around there is always something great going on in London for unsigned bands which is really exciting. We've met some really cool bands since playing, Severin make great electro noise and Hold Kiss Kill play cool early 90s sounding indie that excites the hell out of us, we're playing a show with the at The Wheelbarrow in June...we may introduce them to wardrobe surfing afterwards.

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